Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taylor Tuesday

Turning seven means discovering a love for science, wondering how the world works, loving the ability to expand your knowledge by opening a book, building confidence with karate, wanting short hair, loving blue jeans and jean shorts(after years of hating them), wearing shoes with laces that you tie, having several best friends, getting irritated when your little sister wants to hang out with you and your friends, wanting to be a teacher and going to Texas Tech like your Aunt KK to become one, loving green apples, needing corn cut off the cob and apples sliced because your front teeth are missing, loving the outdoors, creating all kinds of new inventions in the craft room, hunting with Daddy, imagining with your little sister, still wanting songs at bedtime from Mom, and just being the sweet girl she is.  I love seeing you grow up Tay!

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