Thursday, November 21, 2013


Before kids I said I would never be that parent that lets her kids wear strange outfits and not weather appropriate clothes.  Then I had kids.  Then I had Lizzie.  I have learned to pick my battles with Lizzie and sometimes that battle is just to get her to wear more than just panties.(she is going to hate me later in life for sharing all this info)  Most mornings my focus is getting Taylor dressed, fed, lunch made, and to school on time.  Then I worry about what Lizzie is wearing.  I am giving you a glimpse into her version of what to wear for the day that I then later have to convince her to change into something else.  Some of these outfits may seem okay until I add in that she wanted pants/long sleeves in 80 degrees or just a nightgown at 7 am in 35 degree weather.  The paper bag around her waist has to be my favorite accessory so far and the only reason she took it off was because we couldn’t figure out how to buckle the carseat around it.  The red jacket only on her head was a comprise to get her to wear any jacket.  She was red riding hood… in a bag.  She also likes to fix her own hair lately, but those pictures will be saved for another day.


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