Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of kindergarten


I held your hand a little tighter today. I know you were ready, but my heart still wants you to be the baby that needs me. Good thing your Daddy was there to take my hand as you started a new adventure. You are so excited about kindergarten and this part of your life will be amazing. You will learn and grow so much and I will be there to cheer you on the whole way. Watching you sit at the little table eager to learn something new made my heart leap with joy. Bear with me as I will still grab your hand and hold it a little too tight or ask for an extra hug. I know you're ready to go but it will take me a little longer. Do amazing things my sweet girl!

Love, Mom

IMG_4892 IMG_4898 

YaYa took Lizzie to breakfast so we could focus just on you this morning.  You loved taking your picture by the tree and your favorite part of your outfit was the pink belt.  Who knew a hot pink belt would make you so happy.  Even Daddy looked ready to go to school.

IMG_4899 IMG_4900

You quickly put all your stuff away in your locker and were ready to start the day.

IMG_4902 IMG_4904

When you got into the truck(Daddy’s truck since he had my car), you exploded with statements about how much fun the first day was.  You loved it and couldn’t figure out what to tell me first.  Lizzie was so excited to hear about your first day and loved hearing your stories over and over.  Some of your comments from the first day were:

  • I want to buy my lunch tomorrow because they had cucumbers, tater tots, and milk! (Who knew something so simple for lunch would make you so excited.  We quickly printed off the lunch menu so we could look at what days you want to buy your lunch.)
  • It sprinkled on me while swinging on the big swings.
  • Will you teach me to not be afraid of heights so that I can climb the monkey bars?
  • Why is it called Theater Arts and not just Theater?
  • My teacher is so nice!
  • Everyone loved my necklace today.

I look forward to hearing about each day and find myself getting excited around 2:00 when I know we will be heading to the school to get you soon.  Can’t wait to find out what happened today!


Cherry Blossoms said...

Wendy this is such a sweet letter for Taylot to read some day. She's a very lucky girl to have you as her mommy and I fully approve of her outfit! I wish it came in my size.

MySanSouci said...

Yay for wonderful new beginnings! Glad the first day was a great success.


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