Thursday, May 16, 2013


Dear Lizzie,

I want to take you so serious when you pout and cross your little arms like this.  I want to understand why you are frustrated about something.  I wish I could remember if it was that I wouldn’t give you candy or wouldn’t let you give the dog that 20th treat or maybe it was because I didn’t let you turn the TV off this time.  I don’t remember because I was too busy thinking you were the most adorable little thing and I wanted to enjoy a few moments of what two year old Lizzie is like before you grow up too fast.  I want to remember that you love these red boots and “helped” me put the bow in your hair that day.  I want to remember that shortly after this photo you looked up with a huge grin because you couldn’t remember what you were made about either.  Thanks for giving me some great memories!

Love, Mom



MySanSouci said...

Well said, Momma. That gave me goose-bumps!

And yes, I love it when we all forget what we are mad about! :-)

Cherry Blossoms said...

Love it and what a sweet note to Lizzy this will be some day. I need to get some boots!


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