Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taylor Tuesday

Yea I know.  I have been horrible about getting these emails out on time, but it seems like the little people in my life tend to want to play and eat rather than watch Mommy upload/edit photos.  Imagine that??  But I love having these photos to look back at and the girls love the books I make of them each year.  So here is your Taylor Tuesday a few hours into Wednesday, but still in the right week. 

I have gotten a bit spoiled by how great Taylor will pose and smile for the camera as compared to the fits of sweat and promises of candy that have to occur to get Lizzie to pose.  It has made me appreciate photos like this even more.  Remember how I mentioned last week that orange is not one of my favorite colors?  Well I am starting to like it more and more, especially when on this little girl.



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