Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Backseat Driver

Taylor did a pretty good job of breaking me in for car rides when it comes to songs or car games. I swore Wheels on the Bus would never play on repeat again and I would make sure Lizzie was used to radio songs to give me a break from kids songs. Lizzie spends much more time in the car with me than Taylor ever did, but I never expected quite the input from her. With the increase of speech has come many comments from peanut gallery. It is now not uncommon to hear 'song' as soon as Lizzie is strapped in her carseat. You also might here 'Noooooo' if it is not a song she wants to hear. Aka, no slow stuff, but rap , Lady Gaga, chipmunks, or any songs you can clap to are okay. Our newest comment is 'go, go, go' when I'm stopped at stop lights or stop signs. I'm cool with her loving Mommy's fast driving, but try explaining red lights to an 18 month old. Is it sad that I enjoy the few minutes she's asleep so I can listen so Cosmo radio???

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