Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Climber

I keep reminding myself that phases with toddlers can be short-lived and this shall pass too.  I too often find myself repeating ‘Elizabeth can you please get down off the table?’, ‘Elizabeth do not climb on the table’, and ‘Thank you Taylor for letting me know that Elizabeth is on the table.’  It is cute when she grabs a stack of napkins and wipes her face and then smiles because she is proud of herself. 

Any tips of how to deal with my table climber until this phase passes?  And yes I have tried moving all the chairs away from the table but she just stands up in the chairs anyways.

IMG_2078 IMG_2080 


1 comment:

Lareina said...

we didn't have a chair climber but we had a couch jumper...the only thing that saved us were lots of pillows! Looks like she'll be your adventurous one:)


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