Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 goals

So we are 14 days into the new year and I’ve been reading everyone’s resolutions and I’ve been thinking about what my resolutions should be.  I always have areas of my life where I feel like I could improve, but I also have areas that I love about my life.  So here is a little bit about who I am(in case you don’t know me and only know my kids from this blog), what I hope to accomplish this year, and what I hope doesn’t change.

I am a mother who lets her kids eat french fries on a regular basis, probably watch too many cartoons, play on my iPad/iPhone, use the 5 second rule for dropped food sometimes, stay in pjs all day, kisses my kids every chance I get, yells more than I would like, and often gives in on pasta for dinner.  I am a wife that loves my husband, wonders if we can manage a date night more than once every four months, and gets frustrated when he has to work late and I have to manage the kids alone.(even though I appreciate him working so I can stay home)  I am a woman who loves chocolate, crafting, avoiding exercise, organization, making to-do list, cartoons, reading, being a mother, spending time with family, shopping without kids, dreads the piles that accumulate on our kitchen counter, hates washing dishes and unloading the dishwasher, loves cooking, and is learning to be a teacher to my kids.

I want to:

  • Stay more current on my yearly books of the girls
  • Remember that my plate can only hold so much and not take on too many projects at once
  • Catch up on Project Life and continue with it in 2012 digitally (love this format for a quick document of our lives!)
  • Have one date night a month with Chris – we need to take time for the two of us
  • Take a few classes to learn more about digital designing
  • Learn to how to take photos with my camera in manual mode
  • Finish some of the stacks of sewing projects to free up more room for new fabric
  • Remember to not plant cucumbers and squash in the same section of my garden unless I want another viney mess.
  • Stick with using my Life Planner bc life goes a bit smoother when I don’t let it get buried in my stack

I don’t want to change: my love for our Lord, that our kids snuggle in our bed to watch cartoons, Chinese delivery as a go-to ‘I don’t want to cook’ option, that sometimes I don’t get a picture of the moment bc I’m too busy enjoying it, Taylor beating us to prayers before each meal, we laugh so hard that my sides hurt and the girls and Chris get the hiccups, Taylor loves to rock out to Cyndi Lauper, Aqua, and Lady Gaga in the car,  Legos are all over our house, my slight obsession with books for the kids, my love for a cup of coffee in the morning with lots of creamer, that I have a hidden stash of toys and books for the kids, that Chris gets me little things that he thinks will make my life easier, that I have a pile of pictures or invitations that Taylor has made for me and I can’t bear to throw out, and that I also have a to-do list or two going.

I may know what you want to change for the new year, but what DON’T you want to change?


Jenn said...

I love your post Wendy! I am so there with you on so many levels.
I don't want to ever stop playdates even though there will soon be 12 kids in our group!!

Sara said...

What a wonderful idea to also think of things you don't want to change! I love all the little tidbits about you in this post! Until they're in school I don't want our 8 am wake up time to change!

annalee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! good chance i'll be copying you next month!


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