Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twirling under the Zilker tree

What started out as what I thought was the beginning of a holiday tradition turned out to be one of those moments that caught me off-guard and reminded me why I love my husband and why he is such a wonderful dad to our girls.  After a friend let me know today that the rain might stay away just long enough to take the girls down to the Zilker tree(something all Austinites MUST do) I called Chris and told him to leave work on time today.  Taylor was so excited about the idea of twirling around Christmas lights, but I knew she had no clue what was in store for her. 


You should’ve seen Taylor’s face as we walked up to the tree and she proceeded to inform us of the rainbow lights on the tree.  It was ‘ginormous’ and the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.  Then she proceeded to inform us that she had to go potty. (Oh the fun of porta-potties with a toddler)

We took advantage of the super bright lights by the potties for a few quick picks. 


For anyone unfamiliar with the Zilker tree, it’s a huge tree made of lights that you are to spin underneath.  Sounds corny, but is so much fun and makes you feel like a kid.  It started sprinkling on us as we walked up to the tree, so I knew our time there was limited, but it was awesome.  Now in this family I am the dancer and the one to encourage any chance for dancing, so when Chris picked up Taylor and spun her around and then picked up Elizabeth and did the same… my heart melted. 


Elizabeth got a bit more of a laid back twirl, but seemed to enjoy it.


The view for anyone who isn’t able to enjoy it in person.  Pictures don’t do it justice and it’s hard to show you the twirl look without it being a smear of lights.


Taylor trying to think of what colors of lights she sees before she’s off to twirling again.


Then my love picked up our two little loves and twirled them both.  BEST. DAD. EVER!!!



The three most important loves of my life!


Lareina said...

I love all the pictures! I'm glad it didn't rain too much on you guys! I think we'll be trying to go tonight:)

MySanSouci said...

You got some great photos! What fun! Merry Christmas!


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