Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 months old

For the past 12 months I have watched you grow sweet girl.  I have also taken your picture in the rocker with your teddy bear and watched you try to eat him, untie his bow, and drag him off to other parts of your room to play.  This month you decided that you were pretty funny and sat still for all of 2 seconds before starting your comedic/wiggle routine.  Good thing Heather is taking your pictures next weekend because you were not wanting me to this week!

November 11

Here are a few things you’ve been up to as you approached your first birthday:

  • Nicknames: Lizzie, Lil bit, sister
  • No clue on weight(will update after Dr. appt next week), but I don’t think she’s gained much over the past couple of months.  Wears size 3 diapers, and 6-12 month or 12 month clothes. 
  • Even though I haven’t seen much on weight gain, Elizabeth LOVES to eat!  I rarely find something that she does not like or will not eat.  She will generally eat all her fruit or cheese first and then work her way through the rest of the food.  Sometimes she decided to be picky about what she wants out of her snack cup and will throw the rest on the ground, but if all the other good stuff is gone she will go back for the other items. 
  • Elizabeth wants to do everything Taylor is doing and is very curious about how things work too.  I can just see her little mind clicking as she inspects toys or tries various ways to get through my ‘gates’ in other parts of the house. 


  • You have a sweet way of turning any blanket edge or coffee table into a fun game of peekaboo.
  • After months of signs, you finally cut two teeth on the bottom.  You are definitely not doing anything by the book because you have the bottom middle and then a side one with a space between the two.  You look like my little Jack-o-lantern for Halloween!
  • Elizabeth is definitely my adventurous baby and keeps me on my toes, but is also a snuggler and will come by and love on you at any moment. 
IMG_0769 IMG_0809
  • She is making all kinds of noises and is attempting to say a few words like: mama, dada, ‘a-ee’ for Sadie, ‘essa’ for Tessa cat, ‘a-or’ for Taylor, ‘e-e’ for kitty, ‘uice’ for juice/water, ya-ya.
  • Lizzie is very close to walking and takes more and more confident steps everyday.  She gets so frustrated with knowing what she wants and what she can truly do right now.
  • Within the past few days, Elizabeth has started pointing at what she wants.  Sometimes this helps us know what she wants to play with or eat, other times it’s items that she’s not allowed to have. 
  • You LOVE toothbrushes and straws! 
IMG_6633IMG_7030 IMG_7024
  • Elizabeth celebrated her first Halloween this year at 364 days old since she was born on November 1st.  Funny how much a difference one day can make!
  • Learned to slide and you love it!
  • Rode your first carousel, visited San Diego(including Legoland and the zoo), traveled on an airplane for the first time and barely slept on either flight, and walked in your first MS Walk to support some special ladies in our life.

IMG_0814 IMG_1126

Love you Lil Bit!  This past year has been amazing and gone by way too fast!  You have the best little personality and I can’t wait to see you grow and learn, just quit pulling your sister’s hair!


MySanSouci said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!

annalee said...

happy birthday precious girl! i've loved watching you grow for a year.


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