Thursday, August 11, 2011

9 months old

My dear sweet Elizabeth has now been outside the womb longer than I carried her and I can’t believe we are only a few months away from her first birthday!  She is full of snuggles, giggles, curiosity, strong-willed attitude, and feistiness(that really is a word!) that I love watching her personality grow more each day. 

August 11

  • 19.2 pounds(59% for age) and 27 inches long(25% for her age)
  • 9-12 month size clothes, but can fit in some of the 6-9 month stuff that is two pieces
  • Size 3 diapers, but HATES having her diaper changed and already tries to crawl away, even on the changing table, while being changed
  • Elizabeth learned to clap and I often find her clapping for herself.
  • We are starting to enjoy more of the snuggly side of our girl as she will now lay her head on you(or your leg, or the teddy bear, or baby doll) as a way of loving on you.  We also receive the occasional crawl-by slobber on the cheek as what we think is a kiss.

July 11-2

  • After many months, the spit-up has greatly slowed.  One or two times a month we still get a stealth spit-up that you are known for, but it’s normally due to what you just drank from your sister’s cup.  You are also known for trying to be sneaky and drink from Taylor’s cup anytime you can. 
  • You grow to love Taylor more and more everyday.  It makes my heart dance to feel you squirm in my arms as we go to get Taylor up each morning(you are an early riser, while she sleeps in) and then squeal with delight when you see her.  You love to stand next to her in the play kitchen as she ‘cooks’ her next creation and you ‘help’.

IMG_5592 IMG_0259

  • You are done with baby food and have completely moved to finger foods.  You now eat more than Taylor at most meals and eat anything we give you.  Thanks for a sweet friend for the recommendation of toast because this is one of your favorite breakfast foods and keeps you entertained long enough for me to eat too! 
  • I like to call you Stevie Wonder when you ‘dance’ because you sway just your head side to side and are pretty funny.  You will also lift your hands up in the air and bounce during our dance parties.  Good thing you like dance parties, bc Taylor and I love to bust a move!

IMG_0067 IMG_5794

  • You had your first beach trip this month, mastered moving around while holding on to the furniture, attempted to let go of furniture to move towards Daddy or Mommy, stands most of the time on your toes(we may have another dancer), started waving, met your Houston cousins, spent time with your Fort Worth cousins, spent lots of time in the pool while Taylor did swim lessons, spilled many cheerios while learning to use a snack cup like Taylor(and the dog is very grateful), and best of all…. you are FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!  You’ve been able to since February but are a stubborn girl and decided two or three times a night you wanted extra snuggles.  This Momma was tired of small intervals of sleep and convinced Daddy to take over the monitor and we let you cry it out.  It took everything to not run to your cries the first night, but those solid hours of sleep were amazing.  After 4 days you were done crying it out and went to bed without any problems and now I am enjoying my sleep again!


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MySanSouci said...

What a doll! How did 9 months fly so fast? Happy 9 months sweet girl.


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