Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6 months old

Don’t be confused… Elizabeth is now 7 months old, but I missed posting about 6 months and I wanted to do it so that I have it done for her baby book later. I use my blog as a source for the girls’ baby books so bear with me as you get to see two months of Elizabeth back to back.  For those of you who like to see pictures of my girls… Enjoy!

May 11

  • 18 lbs., 3 oz. and 25 inches long.
  • Size 3 diapers
  • 6-12 and 9 month size clothes
  • Nicknames: Lizzie(used by Mom, Dad, Taylor, and other immediate family), Sister or Sissie(Taylor), Pickle(KK is really the only person who still calls her this)
  • This month has been the month of independent toy play.  Elizabeth went from sitting with very little assistance and being a bit of a weeble wooble to full on sitting.  This means that she can finally sit and start to interact with toys more.  She still loves her exersaucer.  There are signs of wanting to crawl, but she can only scoot herself backward when she pushes up on her arms. 


  • Elizabeth attended her first(of many) camping trip to Inks Lake.  It was a bit hot during the day, but she was a trooper and enjoyed lots of stroller rides.


  • We could buy Elizabeth a hundred toys and a simple tag would make her happier.  She has this strange way of finding the tag on everything from her toys, to my Boppy pillow, to my bed pillow.  I am constantly finding her chewing on a tag.


  • 7 pm seems to be an unchangeable bedtime for Elizabeth.  She is an early(like 6 am) riser most days, but don’t try keeping her up past 7 pm. 


  • First time sitting up in the shopping cart.


  • I’ve been giving her different lovies to play with.  She hasn’t taken to one specific one yet, but I love seeing her snuggle with them!


  • First Easter, but still not sure what to think of grass Smile
  • First swim in the small pool

April 11

IMG_9492 IMG_4054 IMG_4084IMG_0291

Elizabeth is our sweet and feisty little girl.  She loves to snuggle with Mommy, laugh with Taylor, climb on Daddy, and find her own way around this world and into our hearts.  She shows more personality with each day and is her own little person.  Each month brings new adventures and I can’t wait to see what they are!

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