Friday, December 24, 2010

Helping Santa

No one can ever explain the excitement you get as a parent when your child starts to understand the holidays.  I loved that Taylor finally understood Halloween this year and really knew what she wanted to be and even started picking out what Chris and I were going to be too.  Christmas has been a real adventure.  While she is great at remembering that we are really celebrating Jesus’ birthday, it doesn’t keep her from saying ‘I ask that for Christmas’.  Commercials/newspaper ads have made their affect on my little one and she is constantly informing us about items she wants to ask for or for Santa to bring her.  She even did a great job when visiting Santa and told him that she wanted Tinkerbell.


So as everyone asked her what she wanted Santa to bring, it slowly changed to Ariel and then more specifically an Ariel with the little Flounder.  I started to panic thinking that Santa would not be aware of this change and made sure he had her updated wish list.  I even had all my Christmas shopping done too!  Then over the weekend my little dear’s Santa wish changed back to Tinkerbell and then to a Tinkerbell castle.  Another BIG panic set in and luckily Chris was able to help me let Santa know of the change but I’m still not sure what Tinkerbell castle is and Santa doesn’t either.  When I saw this comic yesterday it made me laugh.  I have always loved Family Circus and Baby Blues, but truly appreciate the humor now that I am a parent.  I can’t wait to see what future years bring us, but also can’t wait to tell Taylor this story when she becomes a parent.


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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