Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PawPaw Bonding

I was going through some pictures from my mother-in-law's camera and found these photos of some bonding between Taylor and her PawPaw. In this picture Taylor was talking to him and Dad swears that she smiled at him. Doesn't she know that Mommy and Daddy are supposed to be the first ones to see her smile?

After a little while we looked over and saw the picture below.
I think Dad found a new nap buddy!


Sara said...

I have the exact two pictures with Leili and her grandpa, they bond and sleep. It's so sweet!

Jenn said...

Hi Wendy, I saw your blog from Sara's. It looks like you and Taylor are doing great- she is so cute!! Can't wait to see you and Taylor at school soon!

Deb said...

Hey Wendy, Annalee sent me your blog address. Taylor is such a cutie!!!


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